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Our Service

In your daily busy life, The Finch Brew Cafe is the Most Relaxing Place for formal and informal meeting and socializing. Our warm welcoming staff are always happy to serve you.

Good Food

We may not be able to travel to every country on Earth, but The Finch Brew Café is the great a place to get a taste of a different culture is to sample its signature dishes.

Our Food

  • Bacon Mushroom & Ricotta Omelette
  • Balinese Curry Bowl
  • Butter Chicken Coins
  • Beetroot Halwa Canoli With Rabri Foam
  • And Many More Global Cuisine
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Our CRAFT Beers

If you’re looking for a place with world cuisine and a Freshly Brewed Beer Destination, your search ends here! , We serve 6 craft beers form all over the word

Namely -

  • Wizard of Wit – Belgian Wit, variety of from Belgium
  • Bombay Dock – Indian Pale Ale, From Britain
  • Barbara Weissand – Hefeweizen, Germany
  • Cloud Black – Oat Meal Stout, from Germany
  • Pip ‘N’ Peel – Apple Cider, Our Indian Way
  • kolsch – Lager, universal truth
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